Google tricks

1.You can use Google as a timer.

Type “set timer to 12 minutes 45 seconds” in the search box and see for yourself.

2.You can play the hidden game “zerg rush.”

 Type “Zerg Rush” in the search box.

3.You can calculate exact tip amount for your meals. You can also adjust the percentage and number of people dining.

Type “tip calculator” in google.

4.By using the “site:” keyword, Google will only give results for that website. For example, simply enter the phrase “ ” and you will get only articles on the querift website which are about queries facts and tips.

5.”Do a barrel roll”

6.Type “Atari Breakout” into Google images for a nostalgic blast from the past.

7.”google gravity”

8.”Tilt” or “askew” is Google gravity is a trick which will tilt your search results and Google homepage slightly.

9.”find Chuck Norris “is synonymous with internet jokes, referring to a strong, hard, invincible, as in his films.

10.”Do the Harlem Shake”-The phenomenon of Harlem Shake luckily was forgotten, but when it was at its peak, you could search for”Do the Harlem Shake”on YouTube and be surprised with the results.

11.Just enter “Loch Ness” in the search box of Google Maps, which introduces the doll street view will become a small Nessy.

12.”com/sky”-This little trick shows a map of the universe in which you can zoom in and zoom out, and to travel, see the constellations and planets. Very big!!

13.”Google Mirror”-This one will make everything appear backwards. Search for Google Mirror in the Google search box and click on “I am feeling lucky”.  Do not press enter key or search button.  The numerous ads take away from the experience, though.

14.”Google Guitar”-you will be able to play guitar on the Google page.

15.””-You have a box full of Lego and you can build on the board what you turnip leaves, until you get bored!!


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